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Monday, October 22, 2012

DIY Driftwood Picture Frame

Hello friends.  Today I am unveiling my first-ever DIY!  I like to keep things fun and simple so I thought I would share this with you. It doesn't require much effort.  

- Four sticks that are roughly the same lengths (painted for more fun!)
- Clothespin
- Two eye screws (I use these )
- Baker's Twine or string
- Glue gun

First things first - figure out how you want your sticks to look; the sticks you choose for the top and bottom of the frame must lie flush with the wall. Glue the stick ends together after you've decided on your layout. Like so.



Once the glue has dried (shouldn't be too long) glue the clothespin in the center of the top stick.

After the clothespin is dry, screw in your eye hooks on each side of the top stick.  Depending on the size of the stick, this may be an inch or so from the ends.  Use your best judgement here. Then string your twine through the eye hooks and tie to desired length, trim the ends and then you're done!

Voila! And in case you're interested in sticks like mine, you can purchase my hand painted DIY Driftwood frame kit right here in my shop !


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