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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Monday's Musings (belated): This is Halloween?

 So Halloween is fast approaching and it's time to start thinking about costumes.  Most of you with kids are probably way more on top of this than I am but I lack resources (i.e. a car, a working sewing machine, decent craft/fabric stores)  to do anything fancy. I also have a very fickle three-year old who changes his mind on an hourly basis as to what he wants to be.  Hence, last year I decided for him.  You might not be able to tell from the picture above but Bannock went as Draco Malfoy and Brecken was his little Owl.  That's as homemade as I get out here in Hawaii (but I was pretty proud of my "creations" none-the-less).  So this year I was perusing the Target website for some last minute ideas/deals because up until yesterday afternoon Bannock wanted to be a race car driver ("Just the clothes, but no car" - his words).

This is where my rant begins.  What is the deal with kids' Halloween costumes these days?!?! Seriously.  I selected the age-range box that specified ages 3-9, little boys, and the results varied from typical (Iron Man, Thomas, Dragons) to completely appalling.  Call me old fashioned but I believe in preserving our children's innocence as long as possible. So yeah this is coming from a girl who wanted to be a dead cheerleader in high school (bloody Pom Poms protruding from my head and chest, classy.  I didn't go through with it though). I might be bordering on old-lady sentiment here but there are some things that children under the age of twelve should not see nor personify, even if Halloween is about creepy ghouls and goblins.  So I compiled a "can-you-believe-this?" list of the ones I found most offensive. Take my word for it or follow the links below...
- this heartless zombie is probably the worst.  I might have words with the child's mother if I saw this wandering the streets. OK, probably not, but someone tell me they agree that this is too disturbing.
- So maybe it's just the zombie thing (my brothers are totally into this fad) that bugs me the most.  I remember seeing Night of The Living Dead when I was about ten and it scarred me. I think walking corpses are disturbing and disgusting.  So what if you watch the Walking Dead? Your kid doesn't need to.These two are dumb and gross: zombie sock monkey and this zombie costume
- Don't get me wrong, I actually liked The Dark Knight Rises (Joseph Gordon Levitt as Robin? Genius.) but again, it's not appropriate for kids.  Bane was super creepy, well done by Tom Hardy, but creepy none-the-less.  So this Bane costume goes on the list.
- and the others I won't link but these were their names Zombie Chimp, Evil Jester, Evil Dead, Wicked Troll, Bleeding Scream, Soul Taker, Corpse Costume, Last Laugh Clown Costume, I mean come on, really?  Whatever happened to throwing a sheet over a kid and cutting out eye-holes? Anyway, let me know what your kids/nephews/nieces are being for Halloween.  And if you don't agree with me about these disturbing Halloween costumes please feel free to tell me!

Oh and as of yesterday evening my son now wants to be a cockroach - great.


  1. I saw Night of the Living Dead when I was about 7 or 8 and I was scarred for MANY years as well. Way creepy.

  2. Wait the cockroach is adorable, and timely seeing as we live in Hawaii. Also, "I also have a very fickle three-year old who changes his mind on an hourly basis as to what he wants to be"...a man after my own heart!

  3. Yeah those are sick! I made Ronan a Superman costume and I have yet to figure out Nora's. If you have any ideas for a baby girl, send 'me my way!

  4. OK, zombie sock monkey is just straight-up radness. The boys should both wear that. I agree wholeheartedly with all the others, but I'm meh on the Bane. I dunno, I just think that all superhero movies/villains are going to be made into costumes.

    I'm with Taylor, lets make your kids into big cockroaches.

    1. Hey "Matty" I know what you mean about Bane, and most super hero/villain stuff I don't really care, but I just sorta feel like it's fit for an older crowd. Same goes with the (most recent) Joker. But honestly I think most of the time it's the kids' parents who knowingly provoke it and dress them this way, not necessarily the kids themselves.