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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

About Me

Hello! So you want to know a little more about me?

Well. My name is Ashley and I come from a haughty little town in Northern California called El Dorado Hills.  I'm the only girl in a family of three boys.  I met my handsome husband Sean through a mutual friend (who I may or may not have dated first) way back in 2006.  He's from a town right close to mine so when we first started dating our conversations centered who knew who and how and for how long (our grandparents went to church together for years but we never even knew the other existed).  

*fun story* 
One night when we were dating we started reminiscing about all the bands we'd seen and local shows we attended in our 'super-punk-rock' youth.  He mentioned having gone to a show at a local venue that I just happened to have attended as well (Drive-Thru records tour circa 2003).  So I started rummaging through some old photos and Lo and Behold there's a tall, skinny blond headed profile popping out of the crowd right in front of the stage.  It was Sean.  I knew then and there we were meant to be. 

We got married for time and all eternity in Sacramento on January 4th 2008.  We had a sweet little surprise seven months later and nine months after that we welcomed our first boy, Bannock Sean, into the world - March of 2009.  In September 2010 we relocated to HAWAII to attend school at BYU.  Both of us.  It was crazy busy and in the midst of our schooling and relentless poverty we welcomed boy number two, Brecken Cove, in August of 2011.  I graduated in April 2012 and am now just crafting and mothering my heart out while my intelligent husband finishes school. 
I love to create things - paint driftwood, embroider canvas, make jewelry - the typical stuff most girls these days are doing.  How is my blog different from theirs? Well, it's not really. I started this blog to record the everyday, the inspiring and eventful, the humdrum and nitty gritty of our lives, and when that gets boring I like to share a recipe or a craft or two - or amaze you with a little known historical fact from my vast knowledge I collected while pursuing a degree in History. On occasion you might find a rare gem of advice about motherhood, wifedom, feminism or a combination of all three. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy!


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