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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Mormon mom bloggers and how I want to be one

Hi there.

So my husband recently sent me this article which then led me to read this one which spiraled out of control on a click-fest of blog discovery (a click-fest which has been happening far too frequently for my taste).  So before you read any further I suggest you follow those links.  They're about a new fad called "blogging" and more specifically "Mormon Housewife blogs".  Yes.  Serious. (Oh by the way, if you don't know, I'm Mormon.)

I'm not going to summarize because I've provided the links and I think you should check them out for yourselves. But I want to know what people think.  And I really hate FB conversations in the comments section.  A couple interesting things Emily Matchar (author of the Salon.com article) brings up are, one, that Mormon women are amazing bloggers because journal (record) keeping is such a huge part of the Latter-Day Saint culture and second, they're on the rise because LDS women have been taught from the time they could walk how to craft and upcycle - in her words "with the rise of DIY culture across secular America, all of a sudden those skills have become trendy, even bankable."

Here's my reason for this post: as I read these articles I thought "Oh no.  That's ME.  Or, at least, the me I'm trying to be. The me that wants to say 'Hey, look at my life! I have cute kids and I'm crafty and I just love love LOVE to bake and isn't my husband great!?' " Don't get me wrong, I do want to identify with this (obviously) - I've always been a follower of trends. While I may always follow these trends there will always be a rebellious part of me screaming "NO! You're different!" But here's the thing; I may have been that rebellious and "different" girl years ago (maybe I'll post about that in the future?) but I'm not anymore. So this is my attempt at embracing that happy-Mormon-housewife ideology.  Because while it may have disgusted me at first to think of myself as wanting to be a part of the masses - I realized that in occasionally pretending to be a happy domestic Goddess, one can actually become a happy domestic Goddess.  No, I'm not there yet, nor will I ever be.  But I know that using a blog to reflect on one's life, love, family and baking/crafting/scrapbooking/photographing capabilities can be an addicting mood lifter.  And there's nothing wrong with that. I said this in another post but finding your identity is good for you, doing things that make you happy is good for you.  So even though I may be just like a thousand other crafty Mormon moms, and the things I do may not be unique, I can still feel unique while doing so.

 So after reading that article I wanted to take the opportunity to tell my (all of nine) followers about what you'll find here in the future and maybe get some feedback on what you might want to read (please?). Here are the things I'm interested in sharing, as a friend and blogger, with you:

- Projects I'm working/craft ideas
- Internet finds (which will vary from cool bloggers to Pinterest Picks and stuff in between)
- The rare Recipe once in awhile (quick and easy is my specialty)
- Social commentary surrounding the theme of motherhood, parenthood, relationships and perhaps religion (but no politics)

The first and the latter will probably be the majority of it. This blog is mostly my creative outlet but I will also use to inform family and friends about the goings on of my family. I'll keep it interesting as long as my life remains interesting.  And when it's not I'll post a recipe or two to keep you coming back for more ;)


  1. I approve, and I will continue reading. But you'll probably not post too many pictures of your boys for me- But I approve! Go forth! Blog with the blogginess of many blogs!

  2. I love reading your blog! I'll keep coming back :)

  3. Thanks guys! Glad to know someone is interested... ;)