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Thursday, November 1, 2012


Hi there.
 Hawkeye and The Hamburger - I went store bought this year and it was sooo much less stressful.
Went for a jog to the local cemetery yesterday morning and snapped this pic.  Sidenote - Bannock loved the cemetery. Weird, I know.  He actually said "Mommy thank you for taking me to this place". But also cool because he was very comfortable talking about how that's where we bury people's bodies when they die.  He also walked around and righted all the vases that had tipped over in the wind and put all the fake flowers back in their planters.  As odd as it might sound I think we might go back more often as a mini service project.

And my wonderful husband kindly played along this Halloween (not that he doesn't, I've just never asked) and "dressed up".  Last minute costumes using stuff you already own are probably my favorite.

So we've only been home for about an hour but I'm already looking for ways to get rid of all this candy. Don't get me wrong, the trick-or-treating is so fun and of course I'll let my kids eat some and I love candy, LOVE candy.  For awhile it was my go to snack (terrible, I know).  But I don't think we (especially my one year old and my three year old who just had four fillings!) need all of it.  So I'm thinking we'll pick out our favorites and do something special with the rest.  I found this article on Coolmompicks.com to give me (and you!) some ideas. Like:

- Sending your candy to the Troops through Operation Gratitude
- Or this cool site HalloweenCandyBuyBack where you can search for a Dentist near you who will "buy" back your Halloween candy! (In some places they give cash in others they'll give you goody bags, either way they send your candy to the Troops)
- There's also this article on Real Simple that gives great recipes to incorporate that left-over candy

Plus a few more ideas.   Anyway, I hope that helps!
Hope you had a fantastic and safe Halloween!


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